July 27, at 6: June 19, at 6: I have a laptop and the DVDrw drive has failed. Google the part number. The laptop dvd drive has the slim atapi connector you show and the 2. March 25, at 8: I dont know- I am stumped at the factory installed method.

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The drive is an old matsushita a. There is not much you can do to slim combo drive dw-224e it. May 18, at 6: After you find the part number, google it.

August 18, at 9: The discs are inserted via a thin slot on the side of the cojbo with no easily seen means of removing the drive to clean the lens.

CD/DVD-RW optical drive | Laptop Parts

A CD with small soft brushes attached to it. How do I clean the lens on my Dell studio lap top. Can you find any part number on the failed DVD drive? May 3, at 9: Slim combo drive dw-224e have one additional question: February 10, at Am using hcl laptop.

May 14, at 5: Posted in Laptop parts. I dont know- I am stumped at the factory installed method. Remove these screws and pull the optical disc drive from the laptop. July 27, at 6: Anybody know where I could get one of those? November 2, at 4: August 17, at 8: I guess that was why I was looking for a dis-assembly picture of slim combo drive dw-224e model. Thanks for your help. I have a IBM R40 and would like to install a cd bunner the part I have now is a 08k do you know what the part is fgor a bunner I can use thank you, Tom.

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Is there a good replacement for this drive, it has the slimline connector and is a slot loader. January 6, at slim combo drive dw-224e Just buy an external DVD burner and use it when you need it.

August 20, at 8: November 17, at What do i do? Each laptop has a little black sometimes brown little circular piece that sits in the middle of the optical drive, so that when you place a CD or a DVD into the drive the media will snap securely into place. February slim combo drive dw-224e, at 5: October 11, at May 18, at 2: My laptop is a Mitac d a. January 27, slim combo drive dw-224e 1: March 27, at I cannot tell without looking at the drive you are using.


It probably is attached by a screw or screws under the keyboard. Do I have to search for exactly the same drive?

Hopefully you can find a new dw-224f this way. I have an old ide drive in my laptop, which is also really old i.

January 15, at 3: Well, I dive it is dead and would like to replace it. Hi, I was wondering if you can help me.

CD/DVD-RW optical drive

August 1, at 3: I am hoping to have changed the drive, but at this point I am simply wanting to learn how to remove it. Slim combo drive dw-224e i opened my drive fully n found out that this cable can be changed. July 31, at The optical drives fails only with DVDs but not with CDs and that indicates a problem with the drive, not the laptop.