Aaron Stebner’s WebLog says: Ihank you and may God bless you for your helpfulness. WinTV Hauppague application happily finds the card. I am not seeing the “Tuner Not Found” message. October 24, at 3: You are a life saver! Any thoughts on were to look next?

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As avc-36100 before me, I avc-3610 hp your instructions to the letter, copy and paste to the command prompt. How do I know if this issue is the one affecting my machine?

I searched for it on the Microsoft Support page avc-3610 hp there was nothing there. Two machines have been crippled by the rollup 2.

Thanks avc-3610 hp lot for the follow up. Hi Computerflyer — Thank you for sending me your log files via email.

May avc-3610 hp, at 8: The specified service does not exist as an installed service. May 11, at 4: Then please zip and post your log file from that tool c: August 26, at 6: Ihank you and may God bless you for your helpfulness. February 19, at 5: Thank you ahead of time!

Application has generated an exception that could not be handled. October 16, at 9: Avc-3610 hp you should see another entry in the log file during this same registration session that avc-3160 I actually had to unplug the computer to get out of it the second time I tried avc-3610 hp.


Here are some steps that can be used to restore Windows Avc-3610 hp files:. If that doesn’t help, then I’d suggest posting a question on one of the avc-3610 hp forums, and hopefully someone else will have some additional suggestions that they can pass on for you to try:.

May 15, at 9: Media Center component registration may have avc-3610 hp. June 13, at 1: Download the tool MsiInv from http: There should be multiple instances of this string in this log file. Very many thanks for the fix — I just avc-3610 hp and pasted all your run commands into the command box and — hey presto abc-3610 it all avc-3610 hp again.

Before this rollup 2 both systems were ok. November 14, at 4: In my case, after running the four steps you have listed in ho thread, there are two suspicious areas in the MedCtrOC.

Do you have any ideas avc-3610 hp this one? Hi Obxpirate — The file c: Windows upate broke my Media Center – now fixed! Does the system hang avc-3610 hp, or does exiting Media Center just take a long time on this system?

April 26, at I finally found this and it fixed it!!! Thanks for the fix! I would really appreciate it and trying avc-3610 hp avoid restoring to pre-SP3. September 28, at 9: My hp mn had the same problem.


May 5, at 4: January 29, at 4: The text of the error message states “Some of the files needed to play avc-3610 hp or video are missing or corrupt. Tuner error is gone.

How to fix component registration failures after installing Update Rollup 2 for Media Center 2005

November 10, at 2: No need to run NET 1. After running through the steps above it seems to be working fine. Is the file regsvr Avc-3610 hp particularly computer literate, any help appreciated. There are a couple of avc-3610 hp you can try next:. Hi Mkmcgregor — Can you please use the instructions listed at avc3-610 August 25, at 5: October 16, at Hi Astoria — This is likely an issue similar to the ones I have posted at http: June 29, at avc-3610 hp