Joined Jun 18, Messages 1, 0. Yes I have all required files to carry this out mate But please keep in mind I made this for my specific board Z68 Maximus IV Extreme Z which I got the error “Plural host controllers”, what I’m providing is a workaround for this, it’s just a way to flash them individually from command line.. I downloaded the newest one, 2. I have two usb3 controllers on my ASRock FX deluxe4 and I would like to update the firmware of both, but the firmware updater says: The adresses will be in the form of 0x, take note of them as we will need that to flash them in the next step. Renesas Electronics USB 3.

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You flash your hardware at your own risk.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. GO Servers, Nothing but hackers. Not sure about your board, but mine has two uPD station drivers renesas nec usb3 chips, only both can be enabled or disabled, so you cannot disable one to update the other, they are each controlled by a seperate controller.

Renesas/Nec uPD/ USB Drivers Version WHQL

Keep posting here because I see a lot of new boards have two controllers and this issue is going to come up. I tried the new firmware but it killed my device. Sun Mar 11, On all three machines station drivers renesas nec usb3 both OS’s I get the exact same thing, it acts like it has updated and then tells me to restart. So, its not really that much newer. Joined Jun 14, Messages 7 0.


Viability of USB 3.0 Renesas/NEC drivers and firmware from

Original was not so good. Renesas Electronics USB 3.

Please help, if you can. When ours works fine, we tend to blame the other guy with the problems. My controllers are currently with firmware version 4. I have tried everything I could think of.

Forum – [Guide] Flashing and Updating Renesas/NEC USB uPDAF1/uPDA Firmware

It does NOT execute any commands inside the command window. This simply can’t be right when I already know the vendor ID is Wait, is there a command line I can use to bypass the execupdater?

I found much help days ago, for example here at this LINK. Thanks for your answer, I will ask there. Even his Russian language Renesas flashing software I have to translate for every question it asks me.


Sadly, the Intel flasher flashes firmwarewhich was already on the device, lol. Now you should see: Maybe I have to install Windows starion just to get it to work?

Lots of you have tried the newest driver on the EVGA website, which is this one: Re-read your first post.

How to FIX your USB 3 for good with new FIRMWARE and DRIVERS, no thanks to EVGA…

Mussels Moderprator Staff member. Joined Jun 23, Messages 15, 3. I did use admin priv on cmd as well. So all is statioj again Finally I did the firmware update!

I have these choices to disable one controller at a time, but neither of these works: Then I tried the new firmware again and it worked perfectly this time. Oh, and I assume if I am successful withI can then try firmware, correct?