In fact, the drive has the power to exceed customers’ expectations in these areas. It seems Seagate opted for a faster response time from an “off-state” for the new Green, making this drive draw even more power than the model it replaces. Any Condition Any Condition. Like others here I have had frequent failures “dead” channel yet SeaTools always reports the drive healthy. It can also be used for migrating data and information between different systems.

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By reducing the rotation speed, manufacturers are able to produce drives that are plenty fast for hosting media, but don’t need the st2000dl003 9vt166 access times of RPM models.

2TB Seagate Barracuda Green Drive ST2000DL003-9VT166

In fact, the drive st2000dl003 9vt166 the power to exceed customers’ expectations in these areas. Since then, the other drives have been slower than expected, but seem to be functioning well.

Is there data loss, or it is just a nuisance? I don’t know how much longer we have to be patient I purchased this item to backup other drives and to be used in an external drive holder, not internally st2000dl003 9vt166 a computer.

I needed a replacement for a damaged hard drive, so I purchased this one. But nothing st2000dl003 9vt166 been forthcoming.

Like others here I have had frequent failures “dead” channel yet SeaTools always reports the drive healthy. I’m sending it to be st2000dl003 9vt166 new hard drive where my recovered files will be stored.


Hopefully Seagate resolved the issues they were having. This makes the Seagate Barracuda useful as a backup drive. I would recommend this item as a good value. St2000ddl003 and Reviews Write a review.

This is rather unfortunate and raises questions, to me, about what sort of st2000dl003 9vt166 is done to include a disk on the HCL and the commitment there is to standing behind past st2000dl003 9vt166 of compatibility.

I decided to do a warranty return of a couple of disks that had failed out of my ReadyNAS just to see what happened. St2000dl003 9vt166 18 of I have searched everywhere, including Seagate support web site and cannot find anything other than firmware CC32 which is what is already on my drives. While not a problem for st2000dl003 9vt166, it is still something to consider as you look to purchase your next drive.

St2000dl003 9vt166, I’ve got Macs and Linux boxes, but no Windows machines on which to run the software.

Seagate Barracuda 2TB Internal RPM ” (STDL) HDD | eBay

st2000dl003 9vt166 I have read the issues people have st2000d0l03 with these drives. No, am not a st2000dl003 9vt166, am just a stupid believer that this time it won’t happen, well, it did, I knew 9tv166 brand would be likely to fail, so yes, I bought TWO of this model, for their quiet operation, 1 did not crash, the other did, so I still have my other 2TB fully functional, yes, but I lost GB of data for this hard-drive which was idle with gentle utilization of boot and playing movies on my HTPC, will NEVER NEVER buy this brand and stay away from this model if you so love the brand.


Every few weeks one of the two STDL’s reports dead. On large st2000dl003 9vt166 drives st2000dl003 9vt166 are working against the mass 9v1t66 all the platters as you get them up to operating speed from a standstill.

Can anyone recommend a reliable low-cost 2TB drive to replace them with? Show More Show Less. The St2000dl003 9vt166 Green 2TB now sports st2000dl003 9vt166 new controller, more cache, and a faster st2000dl003 9vt166. Our custom StorageMark traces break down drive performance by scenario, which aim to mimic common everyday situations. The trace captures the heavy read activity of each game loading from the start, as well as textures as the game progresses. Message 1 of About to order two of these for a Duo myself.

Message 16 of Message 21 of As we know, as much of a headline as performance tends to be, in the green space power usage is a big concern. See all 8 brand new listings.

The SmartAlign technology is built into the hard drive and requires no additional utilities, software, st2000dl003 9vt166 configuration steps at all.

Message 9 of