Since yesterday I’m trying to get this thing work. You can also create several templates and group them together – i. However, there are many things that can prevent a software development team from reaching this level of success, including;. What caused this exception when I install MyGeneration? The files having the DataTypes for MySql2. MyGeneration generates code from templates that can be written in C , VB. And, more importantly, you should be able to obtain success by repeating that process over and over again.

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Look at the image below. Great job – thank you.

What is possibly even better is the Template Library. The key here is that the abstract class GenEmployee is never modified and can be regenerated at any time without worry because all of the custom logic lives in the Employee class not the generated class.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Visual Studio Create your own applications. MyGeneration software is a small software development organization based in Indianapolis, IN.

MyGeneration .NET Code Generator

Because of that, MyGeneration evolves based on real world scenerios. To look at a data model is to mygeneratoon at an application where the user interface exists to let humans modify and use the data contained therein.


Why pay force developers and or contractors to sit around and do such tedious work? Insert the template code variables markup – i. Connection-string and different views working but no code. Name Regenerating Code What about mygenfration code that you have customized? MyGeneration is a development tool written in Microsoft. My vote of 1 Terence Wallace 7-Dec 6: Do you need help?

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By default, the environment includes a large number of templates to help you implement code in CVB. Article Alternatives Comments 51 Add your own mygfneration version Tagged as. MyMeta is an object which acts as the root of your database meta-data.

Labels acrobat 1 adobe reader 1 ajax 1 api 1 array 1 arraylist 1 ASP. IsInPrimaryKey is how you would determine whether or not a column is part of a tables primary key. Consider, for instance, all of the valuable and untapped information already stored in a typical database just waiting to be reused.

Summary The benefits gained by using MyGeneration are tremendous and such a tool is often overlooked or misunderstood. Tables make great business objects with each column in the table forming a property of the business object.

It does everything you say it does not and then some. Visual Studio design error Blumen 6-Jun The author has used this approach on several large and small projects over a period of several years now and it works. Mygeneragion now the new Firefox.


MyGeneration .NET Code Generator – CodeProject

The Employee class also overrides the HourRate property and provide custom logic. Hi, I’m working on a project for dynamic code generation. This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence. MyGeneration is a quality freeware tool that can reduce coding time by generating code against your database.

While there aren’t as many templates as there could be, there is still a good mygwneration. All times are GMT In fact, the author of this article uses this technique to generate all of the stored procedures and the entire collection of business objects for his applications.

The code is pretty simple. And, more importantly, you should be able to obtain success by repeating that process over and over again.