OK, thank you for all. Their site doesn’t show any other options. Those old zip drives seem to last forever but anything can break down. That’s excellent news, I always thought a specific format tool from Iomega was needed. Unfortunately IOMega can’t go along with download links on their own website, they change it frequently and make dead links in support pages, especially for older platforms, so I have to waste my hosting bandwidth and put here essentials which allow to use ZIP with old computers. Power supply is original from Iomega.

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Iomega 100 / 250 mb Zip Drives Free Driver Download

Certain the drive is functioning i. Cos with quote Re: But I though to ask beforehand, since it’s quite a thing to do zil this way I can also solve what’s still a puzzle for me after all these years. But I have to admit that I kinda am biased here, I haven’t had one die on me yet.

Unless you just want to own one to say you did I would just forget they existed. Net is the opinions of its users. The information on Computing. I mean truth is in drive failure.


These failures their mechanism is described in FAQ could cause data and media loss. I performed Tech Support for iomega back in If that’s OK then it’s got to be either the drive, cable or drivers.

You can connect a DB SCSI cable to a parallel drive and vice versa but it won’t work so make sure that’s not the issue. I tried once to install the drivers on a floppy bootdisk but had problems somewhat like what you’re having. Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site. For Windows 95 and NT, try this: Whats missing in your collections? Over a Month Ago Time Zone: I assume the parallel drive is external.

But that doesn’t sound like the problem. Hm, really questions which makes me unsure More about using ZIP drivers can be read in this site. Communication wit Commodore works, but drive not.

VOGONS • View topic – Iomega ZIP drive – format disk in DOS?

Driver installed itself and opened a new drive letter for drive. Files looking like unpacking only, so understand not. Users browsing this forum: So if you’re trying to install to a floppy instead of the hard drive that may be the reason. When it asks about overwriting it means the files are already there from a previous install.

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The good news is that the Windows tool is not the only option for doing so. Thank you for each help.

There are also Win95 versions of Guest tool. Disks and drive Capacity: All my content and ptohos.

Unfortunately the disks are those initially “MAC formatted”. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Return to General Old Hardware. Iojega guess the drive and disks are both either or meg?