And this was all brought about due to fixed pricing by the manufacturer. It is on the way. I am looking at a sale catalog from Edwin Watts, certainly one of the most highly regarded golf retailers ever. Go on the website, wait until somebody online wants to help you via chat. Any cause for concern? Glad to hear that TGW is a good site.

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They are Frauds B,i ordered that excact club and it never even shipped. That’s warning sign no.

They even put on their site that they are an ffit Muzuno sales organization. I bet they’re real. Cheers If you used your credit card I would contact the CC company. I willingly purchased the club. Your game improves by playing better equipment, and that makes it more enjoyable, which makes you play more, and get better, and buy better equipment which makes you better, etc.

Callaway RAZR FIT Fairway Review

Hope every customer will be happy with our wholesale golf clubs and service. If the Fitt are fake they have to refund your money since its illegal to sell fake clubs. Joined Cwllaway 30, Messages 9, Location Newbury.

With K followers on Twitter and a website as well, No Laying Up have become one of the most popular The sad part is I have actually sold a club I really did win in a raffle during a big scramble tournament.


Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme Driver with no serial number – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

Do the big sales come in October or November? These fairways ARE that good. This thread caught my attention in doing a google search to answer a question I’ve been trying to answer for myself. This site sells counterfeits. If the online stores were TRULY getting faie products from the companies, then the prices of these golf balls should be low and updated to the latest inventory.

Might be really informative. Equipment 1 week ago. Still waiting on the credit card company to refund my faoe. First ask yourself what is tour issued — if such a thing exists. Did all Driver Woods and Hybrids have a serial number?

They obviously have to come through unauthorised channels.

I will be keeping this for now. Clearly they are counterfiets,are they? Having problems sending them back. This is a very enlighten article. An idea, as this list is getting longer and at times repeatative, could a short list be generated some where to list the web pages mentioned?

One has to read this post before buying any golf accessories. I have bought several clubs from them and they seem legit. When contacted they ignored the complaint — refused to acknowledge or accept the problem despite sending photos and generally just stone walling or not answering emails that may implicate them in accepting responsibility.


Not sure if it was an honest mistake but caklaway a heads up.

Callaway TA “Tour Authentic” RAZR FIT Driver Pics!

Because, like any other rational entity in the marketplace, companies like Callaway and TaylorMade can ca,laway their profits by taking advantage of low labor and production costs offered in China. I can hit fades with it all day, but I struggle to square the face and hit draws with it.

I spent 30 minutes looking at both and I cannot find anything different in the two. If fke check the website where you bought and check the others website from the other people that posted here you will see that all of them are made in the same way!!!