During installation, an appropriate mapping file has been copied there depending on your Zaurus model. There are, however, some better packages out there. Page 93 GNU classpath project. If you have installed one of the xqt-jumpbopacks then there is no need to install it again since they alread include it. Many user contributed packages exist and can also be installed. Alternatively, you can also use the xqt-debian-install. The goal was to be able to use the sidekeys on the back of the Zaurus to control xmms just like the MusicPlayer when the display is closed or you are using it in PDA mode portrait without access to the keyboard.

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It is made by Kairen and contains a SiS E graphics chip and there d link dcf 660w a custom driver for it ported to the Zaurus. You will need to install the following packages for fltdj: For the C, it should be changed d link dcf 660w x Then enable tcp wrapper security by creating hosts. This is handled by the hotplug subsystem.

You will need to install the following packages for flfm: Tick the option “Execute with root priviledge”. I also bought a 4-in-1 CF adaptor which allows me to use additional memory cards in my Zaurus such as my 2GB memory stick duo.

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You can manually create additional desktop icons or use the genicons script which is also available from the FluxBox config menu to generate the icons. A swap partition is faster than a swapfile.

It is faster than Page xlauncher debian You will need to install sudo refer to customisation section if you want to run Debian as the zaurus user or launch it via the Qt desktop icon. The following needs to be done after installation in order to update and add entries You can also use the putty terminal as well.


This makes sense for the C where the applications and binaries are stored on the MicroDrive and there is a slight delay for the MicroDrive to spin up when it has gone into powersaving mode after some time of disk inactivity. D link dcf 660w, you will need to install several packages to get gnumeric working. D link dcf 660w you don’t want d link dcf 660w use sudo, then you can start PocketWorkstation as root. This works fine if you can network your Zaurus and the PC, but can’t be done directly to a projector so this is where the USB dongle could be useful.


It contains the following: Additionally, the pdaXii13 config tool also provides a system summary. The following compilers are available: Desktop icons are provided by idesk. Profile I have compiled Abiword 2. Colour Scheme does look very good too. Page 9 The SL-C should d link dcf 660w with a 1.

Finally, you need to reboot the Zaurus d link dcf 660w order for the change to take effect. This manual also for: Once installed you can start OpenOffice as follows: Page Debian is another future possibility for the Zaurus once it has become stable Installation is the same as for the xqt-gtk-jumbo image.


Page 93 GNU classpath project. Enter text from picture: They come bundled with the following software: Most information about the SL-C found on the ecf is in Japanese and a lot of the instructions out d link dcf 660w are for earlier models of the Zaurus.


Zaurus SL-C3000 Instruction Manual

All my important stuff is on my Z, d link dcf 660w I only tried the email, calendar and address book without the rest of the sync stuff. There are still a few issues with the betas and hopefully, once they are all resolved, pdaXrom lini version should be great. You can replace it with something much better. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Page When you plug in a USB keyboard, d link dcf 660w can automatically remap the keys so that the keys on the external keyboard are mapped correctly, but it will result in the Zaurus keyboard being mismapped. Java tools you need.

Start Button – go. It is best to install the jumbo package from the command line rather 60w using the GUI package manager. Now this one was a bit trickier.

Enabling USB Keyboard Yes, you can plug your USB keyboard into the Zaurus and it will work, but some of the keys will be mis-matched unless you are using a Japanese keyboard because f Zaurus’ default keyboard layout is the Japanese keyboard. Page 4 In order to be USB d link dcf 660w.