Not recommended until Contour learns from companies like Wacom. I imagine some of the concepts are transferable. Or can you recommend any others that work with Macs? I’m considering buying one and would love to know what it’s capable of. So this does the job and is quite nicely configurable via the supplied editing app. I gave the review 4 stars because the product works exactly as described, I just wish the precision on the wheels allowed for more customization.

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See any errors on this page? Smart Navigator go to product group DAW Controllers go to product group Video Controllers go to product group Controllers go to product contour shuttle xpress Studio and Recording Equipment show manufacturer details for Contour printer friendly version of this page. Windows 98 through Windows 8.

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For other alternate controls, MMO mice with lots of hotkeys can be useful, and some users are using Steam controllers. Contour Design NLE specs. Get the latest news, tips, product informations, etc.

ShuttleXpress – Contour Design

Would you consider posting a photo or something that details how you have it programmed? Triem23, Thank you for your response!


Does it work contour shuttle xpress HitFilm? If it does the chances are super high that I’m switching, lol. I can also set in and out points easily. Extremely useful, and I use for left hand to control horisontal movement in timeline in daws.

I work a lot with multiple camera set-ups and having the ability to move frame-by-frame with the wheel has greatly simplified cuts contour shuttle xpress cameras and for video contiur. December in Everything Else. This sounds like a small thing, but is a massive consideration for me; There are few things more disconcerting contour shuttle xpress wandering bits of gear when you’re trying to concentrate on your tracking or mixing.

Contour Shuttle Xpress Bundle Offer

I really enjoy using this controller with Edius 6. Acoustic Bass Body design: We’re looking forward to hearing from you and aim to solve any contour shuttle xpress as soon as we can. Native Instruments Maschine Jam Compare.

Personal PA with Bluetooth Power: The spring-loaded jog wheel feels great, and the shuttle in the middle works smoothly. If you’ve ever spent a few hours in the editing process, you’ll want to add this contour shuttle xpress your setup.

Contour ShuttleXpress jog/shuttle controller

It works great right out of the box. These are other customers’ choices: Really clever approach, but with one limitation on Windows – contour shuttle xpress cannot run application as administrator, it does not work inserting keys then.


Sign up with your email address today. What you’ll need to do is contour shuttle xpress into the key map software that comes with the shuttle pro and assign custom key macros to the buttons.

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In Contour shuttle xpress Update Location close. Buy Software store Add-on store. Maximize your production with the push of a button. International orders are processed the next shipping day.

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