If you’re a car enthusiast or just want to carry a netbook that really stands out, the Eee PC VX6 is definitely worth a look. So far only Asus has fitted netbooks with the dual-core Intel Atom D 2 x 1. There are gaps between each key to prevent mis-hits, but the gaps are covered to stop crumbs and muck from invading the Eee PC VX6’s innards. Except – the glossy screen with its low brightness is not much fun in the sun. But the matt internal surfaces, the extremely rigid chassis and the small Lamborghini details produce a sophisticated overall impression. Products may not be available in all markets.

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This means, at asus vx6 in theory, that having a relatively strong graphics card asus vx6 not cause the battery life to suffer. Among the applications ASUS includes is Eee Splendid, a utility that lets you change your color settings for a richer video asus vx6 experience. Speed and efficiency in a stylish mobile platform, your VX6 is a perfect combination of beauty and performance. The classy impression is, however, offset somewhat by the greasy finger marks which accumulate on the lid and screen edging.

The 56 Wh battery 5, asus vx6 should give you about 5 hours on the go according to Asus. Please check with your supplier for exact offers.


Asus Lamborghini VX6

The VX6 is among the highest performance netbooks around right now. Unfortunately, it’s also much pricier.

The Crystal Disk Mark 3. Asus has used the pipeline version which is faster than Ion 1 with around 1, points asus vx6 average.

Check with your local ASUS website for more details. The audio was also loud enough to fill our living room.

ASUS-AUTOMOBILI LAMBORGHINI Eee PC VX6 Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS Global

When surfing the web and looking at asus vx6 you will not even notice that there is a fan. Even those who are not familiar with the Lamborghini style will appreciate the sense of power and speed in its design. This is a niche product that could attract either brand-conscious users asus vx6 people who need something portable, feature rich asus vx6 cool to carry around.

Likewise the performance netbook stayed at a quiet and constant The multi-core Cinebench R10 bit benchmark gave a score of 1, points for the VX6. This card may also account for the difference in battery asus vx6, as the VX6 may have had to work harder to load the websites in our battery test every 30 seconds.

ASUS Eee PC VX6 Lamborghini Review

However, asus vx6 we turned up the special effects to ultra mode, that asus vx6 dropped to 21 fps. The curved lid mimics the roadster’s drool-worthy chassis and comes in a choice of white or black.


Strong performance for a netbook In Review: The mains adaptor only weighs g, Asuz came close to this figure with 4: Despite the majority of the case being made of plasticthe VX6 has a sophisticated, high-end appearance. The two loudspeakers are positioned below the palm rest area and produce a balanced soundwhich even has a little bass.

Asus has included the netbook-standard ports. We recommend that you check with your local dealers for the specifications of the products available in your country.

Atom single-core netbooks use from 6 to a maximum of 8 Watts. Will the powerful netbook performance cause the battery life to suffer? Dust accumulating on the netbook.

Due to photographic variables asud conditions, actual product appearance may differ asus vx6 images shown on this site.

In strong sunshine the effect intensifies. Quality journalism is paid by advertising.

Asus Lamborghini VX6 – External Reviews

With its dual-core Asus vx6 Atom D 1. For this reason the Asus VX6 stays asus vx6 cool during the processor and graphics stress tests. I can say that it is fast for a mini laptop and looks great.